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A High Note to End the Week On

Posted by tommyd4 on August 27, 2007

Fred Thompson recieved mixed reviews for his speech at the VFW earlier in the week.

Saturday, however, was another story. Thompson recieved high marks for his speech at the Midwest Republican Leadership Conference in Indianapolis, from the AP, the local press, and those in attendence.

From the AP:

    Thompson, a former Tennessee senator and an actor known for his role as a district attorney on NBC’s “Law & Order,” was the third and final GOP hopeful to speak at the conference. Former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney and former Arkansas Gov. Mike Huckabee spoke Friday.
    He received a more rousing reception when he was introduced to speak than Romney and Huckabee got, with many in the crowd of 500 or so whooping and hollering and shouting, “Fred, Fred, Fred.” Unlike the stiff character he plays on TV, Thompson was casual as he spoke. He warmed up the crowd with a few jokes, saying that while he was a senator he could recall that every once and awhile, a member of Congress would slip up by “actually spending their own money.”
    He spoke mostly in general terms on serious matters, saying that one of the most pressing challenges facing America was national security and the terrorist threat from Islamic radicals. Not enough people take the threat seriously, he said.
    “Our country is in danger and it’s going to be in danger for a long time to come,” he said. “We have got to be more united and more committed than ever before.”
    He said government spending was out of control, and people had little faith in government solving problems in areas such as energy, education and health care.
    “We probably have more cynicism toward our leadership than in a long time,” he said. “How do people follow when people don’t have any confidence in what is said and who is saying it?”
    Jean Reed of Greensburg said she has been unsure who she would support, but that Thompson’s appearance and speech probably won her over.
    “I think he would make a great candidate,” she said. “He seemed to be very personable, he seemed to be caring, he seemed to know what he believed.”
    Murray Winn of Mishawaka said he was still undecided, but hoped Thompson would get into the race soon. “I think it will energize the party if he does,” he said.
    Thompson is expected to announce his bid early next month, saying Saturday that he will “certainly be making a statement within short order.”

From the Indiana Star:

    “To have leadership, you have to have people willing to follow,” he said, but too many people “don’t have any confidence in what’s being said or who’s saying it. We can’t go down that road forever.”
    For voters like Mike and Maggie Campbell, Greenwood,, the conference gave them their first real chance to see the candidates up close.
    Mike Campbell, 55, said he liked what Huckabee and Romney had to say, but was leaning toward Thompson. Standing in front of a table filled with stickers, buttons and posters touting Thompson, they said they weren’t bothered by his undeclared status.
    All three of the politicians are saying basically the same thing, the couple said.
    What they wanted to know was which one could win. The Campbells said Thompson seems to have the same touch former President Ronald Reagan had as a communicator.
    After Thompson’s speech, Maggie Campbell uttered an enthusiastic “yes” when asked if she liked Thompson’s speech.
    Mike Campbell added that he saw all three candidates, and Thompson was the only one to walk through the crowd and shake hands with many people.
    “His speech wasn’t as specific as some of the others, but he also hasn’t announced yet,” Campbell said. “I liked what I heard.”

From the penraker:

    At first, he seemed too laconic. But the more he spoke, the more he grew on you. He is a good communicator, probably the best Reagan-like communicator we have seen in years. The media will not understand him. They would like to call him dumb, but since he is a lawyer and a Senator they cannot. So they will call him lazy or something similar…

    Alerted is much better. It goes deeper and produces a more lasting commitment. Any salesman can learn how to energize a crowd. But to be taken seriously by a crowd, and to make them think – that is rare.

    He was being serious. He was not rah-rahing. Understand this: people hate rah-rahing. Maybe a few nuts at the conventions like it, but normal people are disgusted by it. For the first time in many years, we saw someone who is absolutely serious about things and is not willing to become an automaton for a year in order to get into office.

    That is a huge advantage, an incalculable advantage. It means he is trying to get something done, rather than become something.

    Thompson was extraordinary at the one thing the every politician strives for, but few are able to achieve: make a real connection with average Americans. He speaks their language. He is going to be formidable.

All in all, I was personally very pleased with his speech last night (especially after I got to see the whole thing- CSPAN!). Thompson didn’t stand at the podium and deliver punch lines. He walked across the stage with a clipped on microphone, and spoke in an authoritave manner from the heart. That is what connects Fred to his audience.

Not a bad week at all. And just announced, MN House Minority Leader Marty Seifert will serve as Thompson’s guide through the MN State Fair on Monday morning.


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Fred Thompson Versus Fox News

Posted by tommyd4 on August 24, 2007

It has been rumoured on the blogosphere for a few days that the Fox News Committee to elect Rudy Giuliani has taken a position in opposing Fred Thompson’s impending candidacy. First, you heard it from the likes of Dick Morris, which is no big surprise, as most are familiar with his history. We started to hear it from the New York press, and “journalists” like Jennifer Rubin, who is quickly losing any credibility she once had and gambled it all on becoming a Giuliani apologist, and nothing more. Next, we heard it in snide remarks from Bill O’Reilly. Hannity has been friendly to Thompson, but has not taken Morris to task when Morris has appeared on Hannity & Colmes and self promoted his negative columns about Thompson. Neil Cavuto will give Thompson an undoubtedly fair shake, and I suspect that John Gibson will too. The major surprise has been the apparent lack of respect that Brit Hume and his “all-star panel” have given Thompson, his candidacy, and apparently just about anything he says or does. Earlier, the Thompson blogs have been taken Carl Cameron to task for his utterly indefensible comments on Thompson riding in a golf cart. Now, Joan (aka shelbysbest) transcribed this roundtable discussion from tonight’s edition of Special Report with Brit Hume:

    Brit Hume: Let’s look at the lastest poll on the republican side of the political, presidential equation here. You see here our Fox Dynamic Poll out today — Rudy Giuliana remains in the lead with roughly the same kind of lead he has had for some time.

    Fred Thompson now since June has sort of surged into second place and remains there. We’ve been getting a further sample of Senator Thompson and his uh, and his uh, and his wares. How’s this going?

    Jeff Birnbaum: Well, I think that Thompson ran into a bit of a problem in his speech the other day before the Veterans of Foreign Wars up in Kansas City. He didn’t seem to know his own applause lines. Even though he’s a practiced actor, he didn’t seem to have rehearsed very much for his speech. He isn’t much of a player in a lot of the serious, substantive debates that are going on. I recently wrote a story about each of the candidate’s v iews, for example, of the big credit crunch that’s been shaking the markets around the world and Thompson wouldn’t even play either because he didn’t have a proposal or because he didn’t want to speak out because he’s not an official candidate. Uh, none the less,

    Brit Hume: In other words, he had no articulated position?

    Jeff Birnbaum: Nothing to say and has been shooting at people like Rudy Giuliana over his anti, uh his gun control position which Thompson complained was too much anti-gun. I think that’s in general a problem of the whole republican race, where they’ve been attacking each other in a way that may pull whoever ultimately wins down, when it gets to the general election.

    Charles Krauthammer: You know this could be a first. The Thompson campaign is going negative before it even begins. (Laughing from panel.) I don’t kn ow if it’s ever happened, but it’s historic. Look, he’s a good guy; he’s a nice guy but he was in the senate for a while, and I don’t think he’s left many traces. He’s an actor who is popular, accomplished in other ways, and uh, has had a boomlet. I think the boomlet was…. is ….

    Brit Hume: Peaked?

    Charlres Krauthammer: may have been spent. Umh, but what’s really interesting here is — I think the Giuliana effect. This is a guy who defies gravity. Everybody expected six months ago, that yes, he was high in the numbers, because people associated him with 9/11, but when republicans discover how socially liberal he is, his numbers will plummet, and they haven’t. People, I think are aware of his positions on abortion, etc., and I think the answer is, that republicans are growing up, and they understand that a president is not going to revolutionize… He’s not going to have a revolution on social affairs. Uh, Reagan did not on abortion. It’s not going to happen and what’s important is the war on terror. Democrats are not reliable. Giuliana’s a guy who in a democratic year, which is going to be ’08 can win. After all, he’s a guy who won re-election twice in Sodom and Gomorrah.

    Fred Barnes: Yeah, and now you’ve touched on the important issue I think. Here’s what helps him uh with social conservatives and so on, who obviously don’t agree with him on abortion, others don’t agree with him on guns, because he’s a gun controller, and that is… he gets credit for cleaning up New York tangibly. Now, people visit New York; they know Times Square is different — they know crime is way down. They know New York is very different; it’s not just 9/11. It’s, it’s uh, it’s image, which I think is a largely accurate one of the mayor who changed Sodom and Gomorrah and turned it into a city that it’s safe to visit. Uh, that’s important.

If and when Fred Thompson wins the nomination, I hope that all of those that have supported Thompson from the beginning will join with me in simply changing the channel when it comes to election coverage. We were optimistic that Fred Thompson would get a fair shake from Fox News, but it looks more and more like we were wrong.

Robert Novak is now a contributor at FNC, along with Bill Kristol. Why are they not primarily featured? At least, they have given Thompson fair coverage.

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Gallup Observations

Posted by tommyd4 on August 23, 2007

Gallup released a follow up to their survey released earlier this week. According to those who are familiar with all four candidates, there is a different result from the earlier published survey:

GOP Nomination according to those surveyed that are familiar with all the candidates

Thompson 33%
Giuliani 25%
Romney 16%
McCain 9%



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Where’s the Iowa bump for Romney?

Posted by Brandon on August 17, 2007

I am just curious; here we are nearly a week after the Iowa straw poll. You remember the won that Romney bought for $3.5 Million. Well I am reviewing the polling and it appears I was wrong. I stated that Romney would probably get a bump out of Iowa but it would be short lived. Well according to the daily Rasmussen numbers Romney was running between 13% and 15% for 8/1 – 8/7, for 8/8 – 8/11 15% and 12%, for 8/12 – 8/17 14% – 15% (with one day at 16%). I thought this win was supposed to put Romney in the lead, at the very least he should have over taken Fred Thompson but he hasn’t. One thing that I find hilarious beyond belief is that coming out of Iowa who would you think would be the last guy to get a bump in the polls. Yep, McCain has gone from 9% and 10% in the week or so before Iowa to 14% after.


You go look at the RCP numbers and it doesn’t get any better for Romney. He is still chasing McCain and has a firm grasp on the fourth spot. With all the money Romney is spending he doesn’t seem to be making progress. Can he keep this up until January, I doubt it. If you look to the Southern States Fred is leading in the polls for SC, NC, GA, etc. Romney is going to need to find a way to start winning something meaningful because his current strategy isn’t working.



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The Good News Keeps on Coming

Posted by carlbearden56 on August 16, 2007

The Thompson organization continues to propser and make headlines.  FDT will spend some time in Missouri next week.  His first stop will be at the Veterans of Foreign Wars National Convention in Kansas City.  While he is in the area, FDT will be having a little get together fundraiser on Monday night (details available if interested by emailing me at

 FDT moves on to visiting St Louis the next day and closes with a fundraiser in the evening at the home of Tom and Ann Walsh.  Again, if you are interested in attending send me an e-mail.

 FDT remains at the top of most national polls in either first or second place.  The lackluster finish in the Iowa straw poll where two third tier candidates out polled him, did not have an impact on Mitt Romney’s standing.  This will only get worse when FDT formally announces his candidacy in the very near future.

 Fundraising is going well despite what the beltway pundits and opponents say.  They are even making up numbers, like a non-existent fundraising goal of $5 million, in a thinly veiled effort to take some steam out of the Thompson engine.  Fortunately for America, most of us are too smart to fall for that tactic and it’s still full steam ahead.

 FDT has assembled a vibrant, successful team to assist him when he moves to the next stage.  You should be warned that all the naysayers will shift into high gear when that happens.  It will be very rewarding to see them all get their hats handed to them in debates and other venues, especially if they actually believe the things they are saying or having said about FDT.

 Hold on.  Be patient. I believe that within a few short weeks the event we have all been working toward and waiting for will take place.  Until then, keep the faith and be sure to read David S Broder’s: Shaking up a Presidential Race. Guarantee you will love it and say “this is what I am talking about”!

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The Iowa Reality

Posted by Brandon on August 8, 2007

As we approach the Iowa straw poll this weekend we have heard a great deal about how Romney is going to win this easily. Rudy had backed away, McCain has backed away, Rudy has been back in a little bit, Huckabee has been moving up, etc. This is all well and good but Romney has literally spent millions on Iowa, and has staked his entire campaign on it. The problem for him now is that most of the top tier has stayed out and so most won’t give Romney much of a benefit for winning Iowa. So now we are in a position of managing expectations, in all reality Romney should win this with a spread of 15-20% given the time he has spent there, the money he has spent there, and the polling that shows him doing well there.

So what happens if he doesn’t win by 15%? Is it less of a win, is it possible to win and have it be viewed as a failure? In politics, anything is possible. If Fred Thompson finishes within 5-10% of Mitt having spent virtually no money to do it then that will be a huge win for Fred and a really big problem for Mitt. Romney has staked his entire campaign on the premise that he is more conservative than Rudy or McCain and while that may be true he doesn’t come across as conservative to the people that matter most, conservatives. He says the right thing, he dances around every issue, he’s polished, etc. Basically he’s a smarter version of John Edwards but with all the polish and fancy suits will Iowans really get behind a moderate from Massachusetts?

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Presidential Musings

Posted by carlbearden56 on August 8, 2007

The Democrat debate last night was very amusing. The public is finally beginning to see what these people are really like. John Edwards comment about never being on a Forbes cover should scare every working American to death. He is wanting to kill jobs all across America. The scary thing about is I truly don’t think he understands it.

While the other side is exposing their true colors, things are going great for FDT! The Rasmussen Report shows that more Americans believe Fred Thompson is the real conservative in the Republican race for President (Rasmussen Reports™: GOP Voters See Thompson as Most Conservative Option, Giuliani Still Very Popular).

This weekend, the conservative Missouri Republican Assembly’s straw poll vote had FDT winning comfortably over all other candidates ( Blogs – News – Political Fix – Thompson wins Republican Assembly straw poll). You can tell by the vitrolic comments from the left that they are clearly afraid of a Fred Thompson candidacy.

Most media sources continue to underestimate the grass roots support for FDT. They predict a crash and burn scenario once FDT enters the race. This is fueled primarily by “Washington insiders” who are mostly backing other candidates and know that FDT is about to clean their clocks unless they can do something to make him stumble.

I hope to be able to post an additional update on the FDT effort tomorrow. Stay tuned!

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Fred Thompson on economics

Posted by Brandon on August 8, 2007

Fred had an excellent post on economics yesterday. It highlights the arrogant MSM’s ignoring the great economy we have. A must read and you can find it here!


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September 5, 2007

Posted by tommyd4 on August 5, 2007

According to Tim Russert on Meet the Press via the National Review Online, Fred Thompson will declare his candidacy for the GOP nomination on September 5, 2007.

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Consistency is a Virtue

Posted by carlbearden56 on July 30, 2007

A good friend of mine sent this article No Easy Verdict on Thompson The Lawyer – to me and many others the other day. Understand that this good friend is a Romney guy and would understandably send such information to as many people as he could. I had read the article prior to receiving it via e-mail.

When I started reading it the obvious hit piece approach was evident. But then as I continued to read it, I saw that rather than be the hit piece it was intended to be, it actually painted a picture of how consistent Fred Thompson has been in his belief in a key area – state’s rights.

The piece has to go back to the 70’s and 80’s to dig up what obviously the writer thought was damaging information on clients Fred Thompson has represented. However, Grover Norquist who, if you have ever met him know that he is nobody’s fool or puppet, captured the real deal quite succinctly when he was quoted as saying “There will always be a concern that he wants to be the leader of the cobra party, and he was, for a while, a mongoose,” said Grover Norquist, head of the Americans for Tax Reform, which supported tort reform and is influential in GOP circles. “He needs to articulate not where he was while practicing law under the tort laws at the time but where he think those laws should go now.”

It’s a lot like the current discussion over contribution limits and should those who collected more than what the old limits were have to return them? As another good friend said, “we were going the legal speed limit at the time”. Fred Thompson was practicing law in accordance with “the speed limit at the time”. During the debate on the tort reform package, Fred Thompson made it clear that the biggest reason he was against the package was that it meddled in state’s rights.  The fact is he voted for the final package that dealt with tort reform in those areas dealing with interstate commerce issues.

Clearly a consistent position for someone who supports a limited role of the Federal government as evidenced in this recent statement contained in the referenced article: “In the past, those who want to solve this problem have tended to ignore our Federalist tradition,” Thompson wrote last month. “They’ve driven right past their statehouses to their airports and flown to Washington to ask for national legal remedies. Fortunately, now we’re seeing that states can take effective action themselves.”

I appreciate my good friend giving people an opportunity to read the whole article and not just snippets. That way they can see the consistency of the next President of the United States.

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