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FDT Keeps Rackin’ It UP!

Posted by carlbearden56 on October 5, 2007

I’m in Washington this week and will be watching FDT address a gathering of over 1500 grassroots volunteers from around the country (7 of the other Candidates will also be addressing the crowd but who will notice?).  His address couldn’t come at a better time.

 The third quarter campaign finance numbers are in and they are blockbusters for FDT’s campaign.  Romeny and Guiliani raised slightly more ($10 million and $10.5 million respectively) but FDT, who only announced his formal candidacy a little over a month ago, raised $9.3 million!  FDT also beat the other guys in people supporting his campaign.  FDT had 80,000 contributors support his campaign compared to Romney’s 20,000+.  So a guy who just recently entered the race kept pace with the guys who have been running for ever.  Not a bad job and you helped make it happen!

The other campaigns can say what the want but the indisputable facts are that FDT is more than even with the others in fundraising and leads them all in the polls.  It’s only a matter of time before the real crying begins but get ready for the fur to start flying.  FDT is on his way and with your help, will put it over the top on February 5th.

In case you didn’t see it, here is the official press release from the campaign.  Go to for more information. 


CONTACT: Karen Hanretty 
October 4, 2007 571-730-1010

 Thompson Reports $12.7 Million in First FEC FilingMore than 80,000 Donors Demonstrate Campaign’s Strong Grassroots Appeal McLean, VA – The Thompson for President campaign will show total donations of more than $12.7 million in its first report to be filed this month with the Federal Election Commission.  Sen. Thompson has received donations from more than 80,000 supporters in all 50 states and the District of Columbia and has $7 million cash on hand.   “The financial support Sen. Thompson has received from more than 80,000 donors demonstrates his huge grassroots appeal for Republicans who’ve been waiting for an authentic conservative to enter the race for president,” said campaign manager Bill Lacy. “We feel great about future fundraising, knowing there’s a big well of support to go back to, since people who’ve given once are likely to give again.”  The average dollar donation to the campaign is $176, with 22,000 donors contributing online and 200,000 Friends of Fred signing up online to support the campaign.   The total raised for the third quarter filing (July 1st – September 30th) is $9.3 million.  Since Sen. Thompson officially declared his candidacy on September 5th, the campaign has raised an average of $200,000 per day.  “Some of the other campaigns have spent tens of millions of dollars so far, only to lose support among voters; yet, Fred is running strong in most of the early primary states without having spent a dime on advertising,” noted Lacy.   “We are on plan and will have the funding we need to get Fred’s message to voters.” The filing covers all donations received to date by the campaign, from June 4th through September 30th # # #


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Pundits Talking (heads) – Public Not Listening – Fred Leads the PACK!

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 24, 2007

You have heard them on TV or radio, those “political pundits” who know all, see all, and are smarter than us.  You know, people like toe sucking Dick Morris for example.  Many of them have said and some still say FDT can’t get the job done and win the nomination. 
No names, but other campaigns, especially those from Massachusettes have been trying to fan the flames also to no avail.  They have all been busy trying to disprove the old adage “You can fool some of the people some of the time but you can’t fool all of the people all of the time.”  The old adage has once again proven itself worth its salt because despite their constant attacks and assaults, FDT continues to capture the heart of the voters.

The folks at Rasmussen once again tell us where the American people are in all of this mudracking.  Read about it here:  Rasmussen Reports™: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a mid-term election.

You will continue to hear about how good things are going for others and how bad they are going for FDT.  If you have heard it and didn’t buy it welcome to the majority.  If you had been inclined to believe it or perhaps had believed it at one time, there is still room for you on the FDT Victory Wagon.  Get onboard!

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Government on the Brink

Posted by tommyd4 on September 19, 2007

First off, I am not Al Gore. I cannot read through pages and pages of policy details without falling asleep. However, I am providing links to Fred Thompson’s 2 volume report, titled Government On the Brink: The Root Causes of Federal Waste and Mismanagement. It has been recently republished for the campaign, but costs around $25.00. So if you are interested, here are the links, legal and free. Thompson has regularly brought up the report this year, and gives some insight into why he is well thought of in the GAO sector, and his experience in government waste management.

Here are some highlights of a seemingly prophetic letter to the editor of Government Executive Magazine, written by Paul C. Light, Director of governmental studies at the Brookings institute, dated August 1, 2001:

Tennessee Republican Fred Thompson done his share to help clean up American politics. Thompson has also done his share to make the federal government work. He has been a tireless watchdog of agency mismanagement, but has avoided the gimmickry that has characterized so much Republican rhetoric on fraud, waste and abuse.

Moreover, short of some unanticipated disaster, George W. Bush will run for re-election in 2004, which means that Thompson will have to wait for 2008 to mount his own run for the presidency. Had Gore won the 2000 election, Republicans already would be coalescing around Thompson as a front-runner for 2004.

Thompson no doubt is tired of talking about government failure, too. Two years ago, he identified $19 billion that federal agencies had misplaced. This year, he found another $25 billion. The names and agencies may change, but the stories remain the same. Medicare still pays for services provided to dead people and the Internal Revenue Service continues to send refunds to citizens who owe back taxes. The federal “high risk” list of programs most vulnerable to mismanagement has grown from 14 in 1990 to 23 today, with eight of the original 14 still on the list.

It also is entirely possible that Vice President Dick Cheney will step down from the Republican ticket in 2004, opening the job for Thompson. Bush is not likely to forgive McCain for his flirtations with the Democrats, and Secretary of State Colin Powell has already had his chance. That leaves Thompson and a host of lesser pretenders, none of whom has his star quality or campaign ability.

Thompson’s report, “Government at the Brink,” did more than just inventory the problems, however. It also provided an easily accessible analysis of causes and solutions, most notably the projected retirement of between a third and a half of the federal workforce. Unless the federal government figures out a way to get the right employees both hired and motivated, Thompson argues, the federal government will start to feel the pinch of poor performance in every corner, from mishandled Social Security checks to ever-lengthening delays at every point of citizen service.

Thompson’s report includes an analysis of the four biggest challenges facing the federal government:

  • Workforce Management
  • Financial Management
  • Information Technology Management
  • Overlap and Duplication

Here is some insight written by Thompson as to what to look for in the report:

  • Political leadership: The President and Congress must make clear in word and deed that resolving these management problems is one of their priorities, and that they will keep after the agencies and the government’s key management agency, the Office of Management and Budget (OMB), until the job is done.
  • Agency follow-up: OMB must establish specific performance goals, measures, strategies, and timetables to resolve the problems. They should use as a starting point potential solutions that have already been identified.
  • Investing in improvements: As part of their improvement strategies, agencies and the OMB must identify funding needed to resolve the problems and Congress must be willing to provide it. If done right, relatively modest investments in improvements will repay themselves many times over.
  • Linking funding to results: Both the President and the Congress need to insist on reliable performance information to determine what’s working and what’s not, and then hold agencies and programs accountable where it counts – in their budgets. Where programs overlap, we should concentrate our resources on those that work best or can be made to work best. The fact that a program isn’t performing well doesn’t automatically mean it should be defunded. Maybe it needs a legislative fix or even more funding. However, letting non-performing programs simply continue as is should not be an option.

So, without further ado, here are the links to the report by then-Chairman of Government Affairs Fred Thompson (pdf warning):

Volume I: Urgent Federal Government Management Problems Facing the Bush Administration (70 pages)

Volume II: An Agency by Agency Examination of Federal Government Problems Facing the Bush Administration (135 pages)

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Now’s the Time for Action

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 14, 2007

Eight days after his announcement, FDT is pulling ahead of the pack.  Giuliani remains within 2 points but Romney continues to fall (only has 10% support in Rasumussen’s poll) and McCain holding steady ahead of Romney.  In the last 57 days of Rasmussen polling, FDT has had an average of 23%, Giuliani 24%, Romney 13% and McCain 11%.  This week alone FDT has averaged 27%, Giuliani 20%, Romney 11% and McCain 12%.  FDT is clearly on the upswing.

 In case you missed it, here is FDT’s announcement on the Tonight Show.   “FDT Tonight Show Announcement Part 1” and “FDT Tonight Show Announcement Part 2” .

Also, here is his formal announcement.  “Fred Thompson Formal Announcement”

Watch it.  If you aren’t convinced FDT is the man for the job, you need to watch it again and pay attention this time 🙂

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of, well defeat

Posted by Brandon on September 11, 2007

The Romney campaign, no longer content to let the voters decide who will be the nominee, should be embarrassed that one of their high ranking campaign officials went out and created a completely bogus web site about Fred Thompson. 


Mitt Romney can’t defend his positions of the past, he hasn’t been able to convince people that he means what he says on any issue.  So he pulls out the Democrat Party handbook and starts trashing his opponent.  Has Fred made any attacks on Romney, no.  Has Fred made any attacks on any of the candidates, no.  Yet the other night each candidate took turns bashing Fred.


Fred just continues to go out and articulate his beliefs and his positions, and the voters are responding, Fred is leading in several polls, he is ahead of Romney in almost every poll, when the new state polls come out in Iowa and New Hampshire we will see Fred moving up in those states as well.  Fred is ahead of Romney in the latest poll in California and only two points behind Rudy.  Romney is falling behind McCain again dropping to fourth in the latest Survey USA California poll.


Romney is now running fourth in two of the three latest polls, and the only one that he’s not running fourth in he is only one point ahead of McCain for fourth.  It’s evident that Romney’s campaign is struggling, but the true test of a leader is how you act in the face of adversity.  This is a test that Romney is failing.


Thanks to Tommy Oliver for the link to the latest numbers in California.



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Well, At least we know who broke the 11th commandment

Posted by tommyd4 on September 10, 2007

From the Washington Post:

    A top adviser to former Massachusetts governor Mitt Romney appears to be behind today’s launch of a new Web site attacking GOP presidential rival Fred Thompson.

    The site,, paints an unflattering picture of Thompson, dubbing him: Fancy Fred, Five O’clock Fred, Flip-Flop Fred, McCain Fred, Moron Fred, Playboy Fred, Pro-Choice Fred, Son-of-a-Fred and Trial Lawyer Fred. [View an image of the Web site]

    Shortly after a Washington Post reporter made inquiries about the site to the Romney campaign, the site was taken down.

    Fred Thompson in period dress — from the Phoney Fred Web site. ( it vanished, the front page of the website featured a picture of a regal Thompson dressed in a frilly outfit more befitting a Gilbert and Sullivan production than a presidential campaign. Under the heading, “Playboy Fred,” the site asks the question: “Once a Pro-Choice Skirt Chaser, Now Standard Bearer of the Religious Right?”

    Nowhere on the site does it indicate who is responsible for it. But a series of inquiries leads directly to the website of Under the Power Lines, the political consulting firm of Warren Tompkins, Romney’s lead consultant in South Carolina.

They left the section called “Pimp Fred” out of the article, but you can click on the article link and see that it’s there. Pimp Fred, Mitt? Nice way to show your true values. Let’s continue…

    The site brings up the homepage for “Under the Power Lines,” which lists Tompkins as “Partner, Consultant,” along with Terry Sullivan and Welsley Donehue.

    South Carolina politics is known to be rough-and-tumble. In 2000, it was in South Carolina that then-candidate John McCain ran into an organized effort to tar his character, including anonymous allegations that he had fathered a black child.

    At the time, then-candidate George Bush was desperate to stop a surging McCain, who had just won a stunning upset in the New Hampshire primary. Tompkins was the chief strategist for Bush in South Carolina at the time, though Bush campaign officials have always denied that the campaign was responsible for the attacks.

    A spokesman for Romney’s campaign said he would look into questions about the anti-Thompson site. “Our campaign is focused on the issues and ideas that are of paramount concern to voters,” said spokesman Kevin Madden. “The website we are focused on is”

    Tompkins did not return calls or emails for comment.

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FDT on Top of the Polls!

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 10, 2007

As predicted, FDT has lept to the lead in the Republican primary polls over all contenders.  Giuliani has slipped to second and Romney and McCain continue to wallow in a rut.

Read the article about the bounce Rasmussen Reports™: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a mid-term election. and look at the numbers at Rasmussen Reports™: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a mid-term election..

FDT is on a roll but we all need to help keep him on top where he belongs.  If you haven’t donated, click the Fred08 box on the right and get to it!  Please use Solictor #3601. 

Keep up the good work!

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He’s In!

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 6, 2007

It’s official, Fred Dalton Thompson is in the race!  See his announcement here: Fred ’08 – Friends of Fred Thompson.

“The Rasmussen Reports daily Presidential Tracking Poll for Thursday shows Thompson with 22% support from Likely Republican Primary Voters. That’s two points off the pace set by GOP frontrunner Rudy Giuliani who attracts support from 24% in his quest for the nomination. Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney earns the vote from 14%, a total matched by Arizona Senator John McCain is at 14%. Former Arkansas Governor Mike Huckabee remains atop the second tier and is preferred by 4% (see recent daily numbers). ”  Rasmussen Reports™: The most comprehensive public opinion coverage ever provided for a mid-term election. FDT is closing the gap as predicted.

Giuliani’s lead has dwindled and Romney remains stuck around 13 – 14%.  McCain’s fortunes appear to be improving as he is now tied with Romney.  Even Michael Steele reported on FoxNews this morning that FDT’s strategy of taking the race to the people rather than the media and the status quo campaign tactics appears to be working. 

FDT is on the cover of Newsweek and featured in a series of articles under the umbrella entitled “Lazy Like a Fox”.  I think that says it all.

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The Clock is Ticking and the Bell is Beginning to Toll

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 4, 2007

Here we are, just over 24 hours away from one of the most anticipated, debated, and celebrated announcements (as long as you are not one of the other Presidential contenders or supporters thereof) in recent memory and things are getting tight.

You may have already heard that FDT will be running an ad during the upcoming Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire.  He won’t be participating since he will not be an official candidate at that time despite many who question that strategy, primarily his opponents.  FDT has been resolute in his declaration that he will not let other candidates or political pundits determine the timing or the conduct of his campaign.  But think of the stroke of genius that running an ad delivering whatever message you want to deliver while the rest of the crowd, only one of which has a slight lead over you as an unannounced candidate, is attempting to look Presidential even though the majority of America doesn’t think some of them really are.  Think of the stroke of genius that about an hour after the debates are over FDT will be appearing on Leno.  And think of the stroke of genius of announcing your candidacy on a webcast which will be available at midnight Wednesday for the entire world, including the press who is supposed to be writing about a debate, to see.

Imagine you are one of his opponents.  Here you have a guy who is not even in the race who is kicking your posterior quarters in every national poll and even most state polls.  Rudy Giuliani is the exception to the rule.  Most polls have him as #1 and FDT as #2 but the lead isn’t significant.  Once an announcement is made, I think you will see those positions change.

But put yourself in any of the other top four, McCain or Romney.  McCain’s fortunes have taken a considerable dip.  In many ways that is sad to see.  You have a guy like McCain who has given a lot in our country’s service but just can’t seem to keep pace in the Presidential race.  FDT is leading McCain in his own state of Arizona.

Then you have Romney who has spent millions of dollars on his campaign, including a boatload of his own money, only to find out that most of America doesn’t know he won the Iowa straw poll (or that no other major candidate participated) and that 44% of America says they wouldn’t vote for him no matter who the Democrat candidate is (see the next paragraph).  I’ll give it to Mitt though; he continues to soldier on hoping to win New Hampshire, a neighboring state to his own Massachusetts where he should be leading the rest of the pack by 30 points or better…which he is not.  The story in New Hampshire won’t be that Romney wins, that should be expected.  The real story will be if Romney doesn’t win big or, gasp, loses New Hampshire.

As mentioned earlier, how big a blow is it to find that a large number don’t intend to vote for you no matter what? Rasmussen reports that “Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has finally surpassed New York Senator Hillary Clinton in the polls. Unfortunately for Romney, it’s a poll measuring the number of people committing to vote against him.”  Romney has to be saying to himself, “Give me some good news!!!”

I hope the others in Wednesday night’s debate don’t let the shadow of the 800 pound gorilla scare them.  Well, maybe I do a little.

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Why Debate in New Hampshire?

Posted by Brandon on September 2, 2007

Ok I give up someone much smarter than I is going have to educate me as to why the New Hampshire debate is so important.  The voters in New Hampshire are no different than the ones in any other state and we’re not doing debates in every other state.  Ok the Democrats are but who cares about that, they’re just four or five empty suits (including pant suits) telling us about their brand of socialism.

Anyway, many people seem to think that Fred is snubbing New Hampshire because he won’t show up for their debate.  No he’s not snubbing New Hampshire because he will be there a week later, perhaps he thinks that the debates are a colossal waste of time.  I know I do, I watched one back in June I think, to see what was Fred going to have to deal with.  It was an hour or so of my life that I feel was robbed from me that I won’t ever get back.

Each candidate gets the equivalent of 30 seconds to smile and answer a question from a flawed presenter who is usually just another lefty troll anyway.  My own opinion is Fred should avoid all the debates so long as there is more than two other people at them because ten people standing there trying not to look stupid is about the stupidest thing someone can do with their time.

Plus I am starting to think that New Hampshire doesn’t matter much anyway in terms of the primary.  The delegate count is low and it’s clear that Romney is going to keep pumping his own money into his campaign to keep it a float long enough to get to the New Hampshire primary.  What choice does he have, Rudy and Fred are going to be 1-2 everywhere else, the only thing he’ll have left by the time we get to early January will be New Hampshire.

I know the Romney people will come back and bash some more.  That’s ok, I am used to it by now they’ve gotten to be like the Ron Paul crowd.



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