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Why Fred Thompson Part II

Posted by Brandon on December 26, 2007

Cross posted from Conservative Superiority

The next topic I wish to address in explaining my reasoning for supporting Fred Thompson is taxes and tax reform.  Some candidates, Huckabee most recently, have supported the fairtax proposal.  Please go to their website and spend some time, read it thoroughly.  When you have most of you will come to the same conclusion I have which is that this is just another expansion of government that will become the single biggest entitlement program we have.  It puts everyone on the government entitlement program so that the ever efficient government will dole out checks to everyone each month.

Now let’s contrast that with what Fred Thompson proposes.  There are many people in this country that are resistant to change, Fred recognizes that and has come up with a plan that addresses the problem of tax reform without forcing everyone into a new system they don’t support.  Details of Fred’s plan are here but below are some highlights:

1. Permanently Extend the 2001 and 2003 Tax Cuts. Tax relief enacted in 2001 and 2003 has proved critical to generating a strong economy that has experienced growth despite the war on terror, the collapse in the housing market, and other economic challenges over the last six years. Unless action is taken, every American taxpayer will see a massive tax increase after December 31, 2010.

2. Permanently Repeal the Death Tax. Current law provides death tax relief, but only through 2010. The death tax is inherently unfair. Under the Thompson Plan, the death tax would be permanently repealed, thus protecting millions of American families, including small business owners and family farmers, from double taxation at rates ranging as high as 55 percent.

3. Repeal the Alternative Minimum Tax. The AMT is a separate tax system that was intended to ensure that a few high income Americans could not use deductions and credits to eliminate their tax liability. However, because the AMT is not indexed to inflation, it is penalizing Americans it was never intended to affect. While in the U.S. Senate, Fred Thompson authored legislation that would have repealed the AMT. Consistent with that earlier proposal, the Thompson plan will eliminate the AMT as part of broader tax and spending reform. Until comprehensive reform is feasible, the Thompson plan would index the exemption amounts annually so that millions of middle class families will not become subject to this tax.

4. Reduce the Corporate Tax Rate. The United States has one of the highest rates of tax on businesses of the industrialized nations, second only to Japan. EvenJapan is currently considering reducing its corporate tax rate. Economic studies suggest that the U.S. Treasury is actually losing tax revenue by keeping the corporate tax rate so high. In order to increase the competitiveness of U.S. companies in the global marketplace, the Thompson plan would reduce the U.S. top corporate tax rate (including the corporate capital gains tax rate) from 35 percent to no more than 27 percent, which is the approximate average of the world’s leading economies—the nations of the Organization on Economic Cooperation and Development. This tax reduction will promote U.S. competitiveness, encourage companies to keep their operations (and jobs) in the U.S., and spur continued economic expansion and growth.

5. Permanently Extend Small Business Expensing. Small businesses create two-thirds of all new jobs in America, and employ nearly 59 million Americans — more than half of the nation’s private-sector workforce. Women own a quarter of all small businesses, minorities are nearing the 20% mark, and Hispanic Americans are opening their own businesses at a rate three times the national average. Current law allows small businesses to write-off purchases of equipment of up to $125,000 per year, rather than depreciating those assets over time. Making expensing of equipment and other small business items permanent will encourage greater investment and growth.

6. Update and Simplify Depreciation Schedules. The current depreciation schedules are outdated and in many cases do not reflect the realistic useful life of an asset. This is particularly true for investments in high technology. For example, computers must be depreciated over three years, even though they become obsolete in half that time. The Thompson plan would simplify and update these schedules to allow American businesses to make the investments they need to compete and create more high-quality jobs.

7. Expand Taxpayer Choice. The Thompson plan would give Americans greater choice about how to pay their federal taxes. This plan is based on a proposal developed by the House of Representatives Republican Study Committee that would provide taxpayers the option of remaining under the current, complex tax code or opting for a simplified, flat tax code. The simplified tax code would contain two tax rates: 10% for joint filers on income of up to $100,000 ($50,000 for singles) and 25% on income above these amounts. The standard deduction would be more than doubled to $25,000 for joint filers and $12,500 for singles. The personal exemption amount would be increased to $3,500. Therefore, a family of 4 would be exempt from income tax on the first $39,000 of income. The simplified tax code would contain no other tax credits or deductions. It would also retain the 15% tax rate on capital gains and dividends. This approach would dramatically simplify taxes for tens of millions of Americans. In addition, the larger standard deduction and personal exemption amounts will still provide significant tax relief to families with children. This proposal would serve as a stepping-stone to fundamental tax reform.

Now, this shows that not only has Fred drafted a plan that appeals to individuals in terms of fixing the punitive nature of the tax code but he understands economics today better than the so called experts that seem to be surprised at all the positive things we have in today’s economy.  Now I would wager that 99% of the public has no idea that this country has the 2nd highest corporate tax rate of any industrialized nation.  After all we constantly hear how evil corporations are taking advantage of workers, or polluting the air and water, blah blah blah.  Yet while many European countries have high individual tax rates they have smaller corporate tax rates.  Is it any wonder the Euro is doing so well against the dollar?

As for Fred’s plan for expanding taxpayer choice.  His approach couldn’t be better, he has put this out in terms that everyone can understand and in a way that Democrats will look like idiots to criticize.  A basic flat tax rate for everyone with joint incomes of under $100,000.000 per year that is 10% and a family of four exempts their first $39,000.00 in income.  This means that a family of four with a joint income of $100k pays $6,100.00 in federal tax.  For those of you that get paid every two weeks that breaks down to roughly $254.00 per pay check (assuming $100k income).  If you’re making $100k per year I urge you to go get your last pay stub and see what your federal confiscation was for the last pay period.  For 95% of you I would bet that it was higher than $254.00

Again we are getting close to election time and I urge people, even if you have made up your mind on what candidate you support, do your homework.  What plan does your candidate have to address tax reform.  Does that plan make sense, can you easily figure out how that plan will impact you?  Research the plans of the other candidates, research what all the candidates have said not only today but what have their positions been over their life in public service?

This election is too important to make our judgements based on how a candidate packages not only himself, but also how he packages his message and his past record.

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Why Fred Thompson Part I

Posted by Brandon on December 26, 2007

Cross posted from Conservative Superiority

As we get close to Iowa several people have begun asking for details about Fred Thompson and where he stands on issues so over the next week I will detail the case for Fred Thompson.  I will pull this information from Fred’s website, interviews, etc.  Fred is really the only candidate who has detailed where he stands on the issues.  The others tend to talk in Clintonspeak about what they believe, or what they say now is different than their record.

I begin with immigration.  I refer to parts of the “Securing the Border and Enforcing the Law” section of Fred’s plan.

1. No Amnesty. Do not provide legal status to illegal aliens. Amnesty undermines U.S. law and policy, rewards bad behavior, and is unfair to the millions of immigrants who follow the law and are awaiting legal entry into the United States. In some cases, those law-abiding and aspiring immigrants have been waiting for several years.

2. Attrition through Enforcement . Reduce the number of illegal aliens through increased enforcement against unauthorized alien workers and their employers. Without illegal employment opportunities available, fewer illegal aliens will attempt to enter the country, and many of those illegally in the country now likely will return home. Self-deportation can also be maximized by stepping up the enforcement levels of other existing immigration laws. This course of action offers a reasonable alternative to the false choices currently proposed to deal with the 12 million or more aliens already in the U.S. illegally: either arrest and deport them all, or give them all amnesty.

3. Enforce Existing Federal Laws. Enforce the laws Congress has already enacted to prevent illegal aliens from unlawfully benefiting from their presence in the country:

    A. End Sanctuary Cities by cutting off discretionary federal grant funds as appropriate to any community that, by law, ordinance, executive order, or other formal policy directs its public officials not to comply with the provisions of 8 USC 1373 and 8 USC 1644, which prohibit any state or local government from restricting in any way communications with the Department of Homeland Security “regarding the immigration status, lawful or unlawful, of an alien in the United States.”

    B. Deny discretionary Federal education grants as appropriate to public universities that violate federal law by offering in-state tuition rates to illegal aliens without also offering identical benefits to United States citizens, regardless of whether or not they live in the state, as required by 8 USC 1623.

    C. Deny discretionary Federal grants as appropriate to states and local governments that violate federal law by offering public benefits to illegal aliens, as prohibited by 8 USC 1621(a).

4. Reduce the Jobs Incentive. Ensure employee verification by requiring that all U.S. employers use the Department of Homeland Security’s electronic database (the E-Verify system) to confirm that a prospective employee is authorized to work in the U.S. Now that the technology is proven, provide sufficient resources to make the system as thorough, fast, accurate, and easy-to-use as possible.

5. Add to the Cost of Hiring Illegal Aliens. Deny a tax deduction to employers for the wages they pay to illegal aliens, thereby dramatically increasing the real cost of employing illegal aliens. Businesses that do not play by the rules should not be rewarded under our tax system.

6. Bolster Border Security. Finish building the 854-mile wall along the border by 2010 as required by 8 USC 1103. Extend the wall beyond that as appropriate and deploy new technologies and additional resources to enhance detection and rapid apprehension along our borders by 2012.

7. Increased Prosecution. Deploy the additional assets outlined above to prosecute alien smugglers (“coyotes”), alien gang members, previously deported felons, and aliens who have repeatedly violated our immigration laws much more vigorously.

8. Rigorous Entry/Exit Tracking. Complete the implementation of a system to track visa entrants and exits, as has been required by federal law for more than ten years, and connect it to the FBI’s National Crime Information Center (NCIC), in order to curb visa overstays and permit more effective enforcement.

Now it is clear that Fred has a grasp of the issue that is not seen in many of the other candidates.  Fred goes further and details some changes to the legal immigration process.  From the “Improving the Legal Immigration Process” section of Fred’s plan.

The United States is a nation of immigrants. We must continue to welcome immigrants and foreign workers who come to our country legally, giving priority to those who can advance the nation’s interests and common good. Immigrants and foreign workers who play by the rules need to be rewarded with faster and less burdensome service, not delays that last years. Advancing the following initiatives will require close cooperation between all levels of government, the business community, and concerned citizens:

1. Maximize Program Efficiency. Reduce the backlogs and streamline the process for immigrants and employers who seek to follow the law. Also, simplify and expedite the application processes for temporary visas. This can be accomplished by hiring more personnel at Citizenship and Immigration Services and the FBI. Caps for any category of temporary work visa would be increased as appropriate, if it could be demonstrated that there are no Americans capable and willing to do the jobs.

2. Enhanced Reporting. Improve reporting to the government by businesses that rely on temporary workers so that the government can track whether the visa holder remains employed.

3. Modernize Immigration Law/Policy. Change the nature of our legal immigration system to welcome immigrants who can be economic contributors to our country, are willing to learn the English language, and want to assimilate.

    A. Reduce the scope of chain migration by giving family preference in the allocation of lawful permanent resident status only to spouses and minor children of U.S. citizens, and no one else (no siblings, no parents, no adult children, etc.).

    B. Eliminate the diversity visa lottery.

4. English As Official Language. Make English the official language of the United States to promote assimilation and legal immigrants’ success, and require English proficiency in order for any foreign person to be granted lawful permanent resident status.

5. Freedom from Political Oppression. Preserve U.S. laws and policies to ensure that the United States remains a beacon and a haven for persons fleeing political oppression, while assuring appropriate admission standards are maintained.

6. Service to Country. Place those foreign persons who are lawfully present in the country and who serve honorably in the Armed Forces of the United States on a faster, surer track to U.S. citizenship.

I urge you to read Fred’s plan in detail, immigration is one of the single biggest issues of this campaign.  We know that Democrats have no meaningful plan on fixing this, or anything else, because they have been promising to fix it since the 60’s and have proven that they aren’t interesting is solving the problem only making people afraid of Republicans that actually want to fix the problem.

Part II will focus on Fred’s plan for reforming the tax system.

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Snatching defeat from the jaws of, well defeat

Posted by Brandon on September 11, 2007

The Romney campaign, no longer content to let the voters decide who will be the nominee, should be embarrassed that one of their high ranking campaign officials went out and created a completely bogus web site about Fred Thompson. 


Mitt Romney can’t defend his positions of the past, he hasn’t been able to convince people that he means what he says on any issue.  So he pulls out the Democrat Party handbook and starts trashing his opponent.  Has Fred made any attacks on Romney, no.  Has Fred made any attacks on any of the candidates, no.  Yet the other night each candidate took turns bashing Fred.


Fred just continues to go out and articulate his beliefs and his positions, and the voters are responding, Fred is leading in several polls, he is ahead of Romney in almost every poll, when the new state polls come out in Iowa and New Hampshire we will see Fred moving up in those states as well.  Fred is ahead of Romney in the latest poll in California and only two points behind Rudy.  Romney is falling behind McCain again dropping to fourth in the latest Survey USA California poll.


Romney is now running fourth in two of the three latest polls, and the only one that he’s not running fourth in he is only one point ahead of McCain for fourth.  It’s evident that Romney’s campaign is struggling, but the true test of a leader is how you act in the face of adversity.  This is a test that Romney is failing.


Thanks to Tommy Oliver for the link to the latest numbers in California.



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The Clock is Ticking and the Bell is Beginning to Toll

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 4, 2007

Here we are, just over 24 hours away from one of the most anticipated, debated, and celebrated announcements (as long as you are not one of the other Presidential contenders or supporters thereof) in recent memory and things are getting tight.

You may have already heard that FDT will be running an ad during the upcoming Republican Presidential debate in New Hampshire.  He won’t be participating since he will not be an official candidate at that time despite many who question that strategy, primarily his opponents.  FDT has been resolute in his declaration that he will not let other candidates or political pundits determine the timing or the conduct of his campaign.  But think of the stroke of genius that running an ad delivering whatever message you want to deliver while the rest of the crowd, only one of which has a slight lead over you as an unannounced candidate, is attempting to look Presidential even though the majority of America doesn’t think some of them really are.  Think of the stroke of genius that about an hour after the debates are over FDT will be appearing on Leno.  And think of the stroke of genius of announcing your candidacy on a webcast which will be available at midnight Wednesday for the entire world, including the press who is supposed to be writing about a debate, to see.

Imagine you are one of his opponents.  Here you have a guy who is not even in the race who is kicking your posterior quarters in every national poll and even most state polls.  Rudy Giuliani is the exception to the rule.  Most polls have him as #1 and FDT as #2 but the lead isn’t significant.  Once an announcement is made, I think you will see those positions change.

But put yourself in any of the other top four, McCain or Romney.  McCain’s fortunes have taken a considerable dip.  In many ways that is sad to see.  You have a guy like McCain who has given a lot in our country’s service but just can’t seem to keep pace in the Presidential race.  FDT is leading McCain in his own state of Arizona.

Then you have Romney who has spent millions of dollars on his campaign, including a boatload of his own money, only to find out that most of America doesn’t know he won the Iowa straw poll (or that no other major candidate participated) and that 44% of America says they wouldn’t vote for him no matter who the Democrat candidate is (see the next paragraph).  I’ll give it to Mitt though; he continues to soldier on hoping to win New Hampshire, a neighboring state to his own Massachusetts where he should be leading the rest of the pack by 30 points or better…which he is not.  The story in New Hampshire won’t be that Romney wins, that should be expected.  The real story will be if Romney doesn’t win big or, gasp, loses New Hampshire.

As mentioned earlier, how big a blow is it to find that a large number don’t intend to vote for you no matter what? Rasmussen reports that “Former Massachusetts Governor Mitt Romney has finally surpassed New York Senator Hillary Clinton in the polls. Unfortunately for Romney, it’s a poll measuring the number of people committing to vote against him.”  Romney has to be saying to himself, “Give me some good news!!!”

I hope the others in Wednesday night’s debate don’t let the shadow of the 800 pound gorilla scare them.  Well, maybe I do a little.

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Why Debate in New Hampshire?

Posted by Brandon on September 2, 2007

Ok I give up someone much smarter than I is going have to educate me as to why the New Hampshire debate is so important.  The voters in New Hampshire are no different than the ones in any other state and we’re not doing debates in every other state.  Ok the Democrats are but who cares about that, they’re just four or five empty suits (including pant suits) telling us about their brand of socialism.

Anyway, many people seem to think that Fred is snubbing New Hampshire because he won’t show up for their debate.  No he’s not snubbing New Hampshire because he will be there a week later, perhaps he thinks that the debates are a colossal waste of time.  I know I do, I watched one back in June I think, to see what was Fred going to have to deal with.  It was an hour or so of my life that I feel was robbed from me that I won’t ever get back.

Each candidate gets the equivalent of 30 seconds to smile and answer a question from a flawed presenter who is usually just another lefty troll anyway.  My own opinion is Fred should avoid all the debates so long as there is more than two other people at them because ten people standing there trying not to look stupid is about the stupidest thing someone can do with their time.

Plus I am starting to think that New Hampshire doesn’t matter much anyway in terms of the primary.  The delegate count is low and it’s clear that Romney is going to keep pumping his own money into his campaign to keep it a float long enough to get to the New Hampshire primary.  What choice does he have, Rudy and Fred are going to be 1-2 everywhere else, the only thing he’ll have left by the time we get to early January will be New Hampshire.

I know the Romney people will come back and bash some more.  That’s ok, I am used to it by now they’ve gotten to be like the Ron Paul crowd.



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Rival Campaign Goes After Fred Thompson Again, but Forgot to Do their Homework

Posted by tommyd4 on July 11, 2007

It seems, according to the Brody File, that a rival campaign is bent on taking out Senator Thompson before he gains any traction. However, in their mudslinging, they forget to check the facts. Here is what Brody has posted:

First off, it appears Thompson wasn’t a big fan of the GOP having any sort of platform back in 1996. In April of 1996, this is what The Memphis Commercial Appeal wrote: Thompson wants to change the way the 1996 Republican National Convention is conducted. For starters, he wants to abolish the party platform – just toss the archaic thing away. ‘It’s the most useless device I’ve ever heard of,’ Thompson said during a recent visit to Memphis.”

In August of that same year, Thompson called abortion a “distracting issue.” Read below from an Associated Press article:

U.S. Sen. Fred Thompson says he seldom hears about abortion in campaign travels throughout Tennessee and hopes the issue is downplayed at the Republican National Convention. The Tennessee Republican, a pro-choice defender in a party with an anti-abortion tilt, is preparing for next week’s convention in San Diego. He said the party must avoid distracting issues and focus on electing Bob Dole as president. ‘We need to concentrate on what brings us together and not what divides us,’ Thompson said in an interview with The Tennessean published Tuesday.

Later in that same 1996 AP article came this part:
In 1996, Thompson Said Republican Ideals Don’t Need To Be Written Down Into Platform. “Thompson said he opposes making early-term abortions a crime, as some Republicans would like to do with a constitutional amendment. ‘But I don’t think you should bolt on one issue. I’m still not convinced platforms are a good idea. We know what we believe in and I don’t think we need to write it all down in a document,’ Thompson said.

So what are we to make of all of this?

On the GOP platform, I would think there are a great number of Republicans who believe the platform is very important because it stands for the principals the party unites behind. But as Thompson says, I’m sure there are those who think the document is a big waste of time.

On the abortion issue, it seems pretty clear that Thompson felt abortion was more of a distraction to the party. You get the sense that he saw it as divisive and something to avoid or downplay at the convention. Pro-lifers will take issue with that. I know Thompson’s defenders will point to his stellar pro-life record in the Senate.

Fine. If this is how they want to play the game, I can play too. They conveniently forget to mention the fact that in 1996 Thompson was campaigning hard for Senator Bob Dole. Dole, of course, was campaigning on this very idea. See the wikipedia reference:

Dole also found himself criticized from both the left and the right within the Republican Party over the convention platform as well as the additional challenge of Ross Perot’s entry into the race.

In an article for the National Review that year, William Buckley said:

Senator Dole knows better, possibly, than any other man on earth what is and what is not going to happen when revising the Constitution comes up. He tried to get through an amendment that would forbid deficit spending, but failed. The chances of getting through an amendment that would absolutely forbid abortions has the same chance an amendment to abolish slavery would have had in 1850. He knows this, and so do informed partisans on both sides. For that reason the phraseology of the platform is the only substantive matter to fight over, and Senator Dole’s contribution to Republican concinnity was his idea that the platform should also profess “tolerance” for positions different from the Pro-Life position.

Senator Dole needs encouragement from his friends and supporters. The polls have given him a little lift in the past few days and there may be, creeping into the voter’s mind, some sense of the gravitas of Bob Dole. He really does have it, so much so that one is occasionally tempted to reject the nickname and refer to him as Robert Dole. He is a handsome man; his countenance is both that of the American who enjoys impieties at the Mark Twain level, and that of the American one goes to war with, knowing that, at your side, is a noble man and true companion. The other stuff he’s not very good at, and it goes against his natural character as presidential candidate.

Better check the context, ‘rival campaigns.’

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Posted by tommyd4 on June 3, 2007

XM Radio has announced that in September, they will launch POTUS 08, a radio station completely dedicated to following the 2008 election.  This will be the first of its kind in history, and will give listeners a chance to learn more about the candidates than ever before.

Press Release in full, click here:

XM Radio to Launch First National Radio Channel Dedicated to the Presidential Election

XM Partners with C-SPAN, other media outlets on ‘POTUS ’08’ – a 24-Hour, Commercial-Free XM Radio Channel Devoted to 2008 Presidential Campaign

WASHINGTON, May 21 /PRNewswire-FirstCall/ — XM Satellite Radio today announced it will launch a new radio channel dedicated to the 2008 presidential election, marking the first time that a national radio channel has been devoted to a presidential campaign. The 24-hour, commercial-free channel, created in association with C-SPAN and other media outlets, will be called “POTUS ’08.” The channel’s name (pronounced POH-tus) is the acronym used by government insiders for the President of the United States.

The channel will be “free to air” on XM, meaning that it will be broadcast free to all XM radio receivers. If a consumer has an XM radio but opts not to subscribe to XM, the consumer can still listen to the presidential election channel.

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Will McCain’s Sinking Ship Lead to Thompson Support?

Posted by tommyd4 on May 29, 2007

As I posted earlier at blogsforthompson, John McCain is once again bucking the GOP.  This time, however, he’s fighting the grassroots support as opposed to the establishment.  I admire Senator McCain a great deal, and it would be sad to see him fail as a presidential candidate again, but the immigration bill has completely reversed the trends of 2000.  There is a great deal of support for it in the U. S. Senate, but among the voters in the GOP primaries, there seems to be very little, if any.  He’s staked his political life on this immigration bill, and it could be what puts the stake through the heart of his electoral chances.  There is an interesting prediction of what could happen found here.

While it may be too soon to write the obituary for McCain’s 2008 campaign, that day might not be far off. Before long, McCain could forseeably fall to fourth place in GOP polls once Fred Thompson enters the race. As an unannounced candidate, Thompson is polling just points behind Senator McCain; once he actually gets in, Thompson is sure to be much more of a force.

Although some pundits have argued that McCain would prefer to fight as the underdog, he has made some risky political gambles that are not paying off. His support for th surge in Iraq has been far from a success as the situation there has yet to stabilize. Additionally, his work on a compromise immigration bill is winning him few plaudits.

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Remembering our Troops

Posted by dankleinsorge on May 28, 2007

Please take some time out today to remember those who make our freedom possible.

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