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    Carl is the former Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives and one of the earliest supporters of Fred Thompson for President. Initiating a petition for his fellow caucus members to sign, the Speaker Pro Tem garnered the support of over half of the Republican House members (63%, to be exact). More information about Carl can be found at his wikipedia page. Simply search "Carl Bearden".
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Mitt Flips Again

Posted by tommyd4 on October 24, 2007

Check out this winning quote from Mitt Romney in 2005, courtesy of the New York Observer:

And it was Mr. Romney, making the very same calculation, who traveled the G.O.P. circuit this past winter and spring warning about the compromise legislation Mr. McCain had crafted to create a 13-year path to citizenship for undocumented workers. Of course, Mr. Romney simply called the plan “amnesty” for illegal immigrants, making sure to refer to the legislation as “McCain-Kennedy.”

What infuriated Mr. McCain may not have been Mr. Romney’s opportunism as much as his hypocrisy: As recently as 2005, before Mr. McCain got in his way and before he realized the value of immigration-bashing, Mr. Romney called Mr. McCain’s plan “reasonable” and made a point of correcting those who equated it with amnesty.


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