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Conference Call Recap with Bill Lacy

Posted by tommyd4 on October 9, 2007

This morning, I participated in a live blogger conference call with Fred Thompson’s campaign manager, Bill Lacy. There were quite a few people participating, including David Brody, Jim Geraughty, Erick Erickson, and even a representative from IMAO. Here is a recap of the conversation:

New Media Consultant, John Henke, will be live blogging the debate at the Fredfile. In opening, Lacy said that the reason the debate was being held at 4 pm is because it is when the markets close, which ties it in to it being broadcast on cnbc. Lacy said that the campaign feels that they are in a strong position, and the challenge is to translate that into the early states. One point he made is that Thompson polls best in states that Bush carried in 2004, which are awarded over 300 bonus delegates for the convention. He repeatedly brought up the fact that although the MSM has been critical, Thompson has seen an upswing in Iowa, according to the last few polls. He noted that it doesn’t matter if Thompson walked on water at the debate, the MSM would still be critical of him. He needs a strong showing in the debate, but doesn’t need to showboat. He will emphasize on his small town roots and his record on financial and management abuse/waste while in the senate.

Points made during the questions:

Lacy, speaking for himself, believes that the Republican Party is at a crossroads, and Thompson believes in taking in a “Goldwater direction,” with emphasis on government reform. He has done a number of mock debates and a lot of prep. He said that he learned in 1994 that one good thing about Thompson is that he was a very successful trial lawyer and knows how to prepare himself for debates.

Lacy doesn’t see him directly going after Giuliani or Romney tonight. It’s going to be focused on defining him, and may not be a time to throw darts.

On Chris Matthews: Lacy said that everyone is entitled to their own opinions, including Matthews, but there isn’t a need for the candidates to attack the moderator.

They were extremely pleased with the fundraising for the third quarter. Lacy pointed out that the campaign raised over 5 million dollars in the three weeks after he announced, and more importantly, signed up over 80,000 new donors. He reiterated that the campaign was focused on financial responsibility in getting Thompson’s message out.

On Dr. Dobson’s comments, he said that they have been very encouraged by the support they have gotten. He said that “Thompson has a set of principles, and that he doesn’t compromise on those ideals.”

The organization is very focused on the South Carolina primary. The challenge is going to be having momentum going into it. They plan to “build a strategic bridge” to South Carolina by being competitive enough to still be considered a viable candidate. He stated that he doesn’t have to win the earlier primary states, but that they need to do well enough to still be considered a factor in the race going into the south, where Thompson is his strongest. Note: Their internal polling must be producing some very solid results in the region.

There are no dates set to unveil specific plans, but they are coming. He said Thompson will eventually begin taking part in the Sunday morning talk shows, but that Thompson is at his best when he is among voters.

They are happy Darrell Hammond is playing Fred on SNL.

Overall, it seemed to go well. After the conference was over, David Brody told me that it was “very genuine and real” and he enjoyed it.


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