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    Carl is the former Speaker Pro Tem of the Missouri House of Representatives and one of the earliest supporters of Fred Thompson for President. Initiating a petition for his fellow caucus members to sign, the Speaker Pro Tem garnered the support of over half of the Republican House members (63%, to be exact). More information about Carl can be found at his wikipedia page. Simply search "Carl Bearden".
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Now’s the Time for Action

Posted by carlbearden56 on September 14, 2007

Eight days after his announcement, FDT is pulling ahead of the pack.  Giuliani remains within 2 points but Romney continues to fall (only has 10% support in Rasumussen’s poll) and McCain holding steady ahead of Romney.  In the last 57 days of Rasmussen polling, FDT has had an average of 23%, Giuliani 24%, Romney 13% and McCain 11%.  This week alone FDT has averaged 27%, Giuliani 20%, Romney 11% and McCain 12%.  FDT is clearly on the upswing.

 In case you missed it, here is FDT’s announcement on the Tonight Show.   “FDT Tonight Show Announcement Part 1” and “FDT Tonight Show Announcement Part 2” .

Also, here is his formal announcement.  “Fred Thompson Formal Announcement”

Watch it.  If you aren’t convinced FDT is the man for the job, you need to watch it again and pay attention this time 🙂


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